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You've Found Us. The Most Complete Study Program for PMP® and CAPM® Candidates.

Personal PMP Tutor - Internet Most Powerful PMP Certification Exam Study Group Marvelous! You want to pass the PMP® or CAPM® certification exam. You need a system to help you do that. We have a great track record of helping our students do just that. Our project management training will prepare you for either exam.

Proven System Helps People Pass

Our proven system takes you through a flexible, but structured approach to studying for the PMP® or CAPM® certification exam. We have learned over the years of training and counseling thousands in the Project Management Institute's Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®) ways to get the information cemented into your brain so you can pass the exam. We don't just deliver the tips and tricks other providers do so you simply pass the exam and then damage the reputation of fellow PMPs. We teach you how to manage projects better, so when people see you, they recognize someone who actually understands this stuff and has the certification to prove it. Using our PMP® study group known as the Personal PMP® Tutor, you interact with a live professor and fellow aspirants. You learn through proper project management training the information you need. Our PMP® training and CAPM® training are regarded as one of the best in the industry.

We are sure you have met other Project Management Professionals who can't manage a project to save their life, but they have the designation. They are more of a disservice to the industry. So, to avoid having you gain such a reputation, we teach the material so you understand and can use it and recall it to pass the exam. Our PMP® study group, called Personal PMP® Tutor, is flexible and structured at the same time. The structure keeps you pressing on in your PMP® training or CAPM® training, yet is flexible to fit within your daily life.

What You Get...

Our system uses a combination of the best study guide on the market - the PMP® Project Management Professional Study Guide by Kim Heldman and the industry standard Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®) published by the Project Management Institute (PMI). (purchased separately from study group tuition)

This top-shelf reference guide by Kim Heldman prepares you like no other guide on the market. Aligned with the way real projects work, you learn the material the way you've experienced it, so it sticks better in your brain. On top of that, based upon our experience, the chapter questions are tougher than the actual PMP® certification exam questions, therefore, you are ready for whatever the exam can throw at you. And the electronic flash cards on the included CD are awesome. If you're looking for complete project management training, this Project Management Professional Exam Study Guide by Kim Heldman is the best.

In addition to the PMP® Project Management Professional Exam Study Guide, we use the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®) published by the Project Management Institute (PMI). This book is the basis for both the PMP® exam and CAPM® exam. You must know this book and its contents. But wait. The CAPM® exam is based solely on the PMBOK®, but the PMP® exam requires more knowledge than just PMBOK® content. And that is where we really excel.

Here's Our Method of Preparing You

We take you through an eight week PMP® study group. We break the material down into do-able sections so you have time to learn the material in-depth. This is a proven method used by thousands of our students. With a 99% "pass-on-the-first-try" rating, we know it works. But you are not locked into the eight weeks. If you want to spend more time and go through it faster, no one stops you. If life happens and you have to take a break, you can pick up where you left off. And if you need to go back and re-review a section, you can. You have total control over your project management training.

We use a combination of online text-based information, slide shows with narration, audio files, discussion forums and live teleconferences to meet your learning style. You have the advantage of time spent studying by yourself, as well as interacting with others in the PMP® study group. You don't have to organize the group, you simply work with the group. The live teleconferences are moderated by one of our professors to make sure your questions are answered accurately.

Our Professors

We don't use the term professor loosely or as a marketing gimmick. Our professors teach at local universities and colleges. Additionally, our professors have years of fire-tested, real-world experience in several industries. So, they know what you are experiencing and can tie the theoretical concepts in the PMBOK® to the practical applications to help you remember the material.

All This For Your Success

We provide all these facilities so you succeed. If you really want the best and gain the most from your study time, you've got to join our study group now. Don't want any longer.

Limited-Time Introductory Offer

For a very limited time, we want to introduce you to the best PMP® study group. The Personal PMP® Tutor is designed around you. So you can take advantage of all the material, we have lowered the entry fee to only $9900 USD. That is a $25000 USD savings off our regular price. But this is a limited time offer. You must act now.

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What Others Are Saying . . .


I wanted to let you know I passed on the first try. I attribute my success to the great preparation you provided through the study group. Working with others in the discussion forums and teleconferences, I learned from other people's perspectives. The materials you use are top notch. And I loved the audios because I could listen to them on my train commute. Thanks again and I will highly recommend your group to others.


Dear Personal PMP® Tutor,

I can't thank you enough. The study group made it happen for me. I wished I had found you before I took the exam the first time. I thrashed around in my study time then and it wasn't productive. Your system really helped me organize my study time, made it productive and actually saved me time because I knew exactly what I needed to do next. Your clear examples and tying it to everyday life really made it stick in my brain. On the exam, I easily recalled the information and passed the exam. Thanks again.

George B.

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